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For  Air Conditioning service, sales and installation in Middletown, Cromwell, or anywhere in central Connecticut
​We install ductless mini splits!
We service and install all major brands.
American Standard
A.O Smith
Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Serving central Connecticut and the Shoreline
Licensed and Insured

Our company is always looking for ways to help its customers. We continually seek new methods, products, and ideas that will help us not only set the pace for our industry, but also continue to provide our customers with the quality and professionalism they have come to expect. ​


We install Faucets. Toilets, Sinks​
​and all undersink plumbing
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Preventive Maintenance on your Air Conditioning System will:

• Extend the life of your equipment

• Prevent untimely breakdowns

• Lower your utility bills

• Help prevent
water damage from leaks

• Catch little problems before they become big

Here's what you'll experience with Mutual Plumbing Heating & Cooling:

• Complete explanation of repair options

• Quoted price up front before we do any repairs

• Polite, personable, caring service professionals

• Convenient scheduling

• We never leave a mess

Here's what's included on our thorough 17-Point Tune-Up

1. Calibrate Thermostat for accurate control and to
prevent system from running longer than necessary, increasing utility usage

2. Test Refrigerant Charge to ensure optimum levels
leading to lower utility usage and extend compressor life

3. Test Capacitors to ensure reliable operation and
continued compressor and motor protection

4. Test Crankcase Heaters to ensure proper
compressor protection

5. Inspect & Test Controls & Safeties to
keep operating costs low and prevent failures

6. Adjust Fan Switch to prevent wasted energy and
excess sound levels from nuisance cycling

7. Adjust Accessible Balancing Dampers to improve

8. Clean or Replace Filters to reduce energy use,
reduce compressor strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort

9. Inspect & Adjust Blower Assembly to extend
motor life, improve air quality, and reduce sound

10. Check Air Flow to ensure proper air flow across
the coil for proper humidity removal and reliable operation

11. Visually Inspect Ductwork to identify obvious
leaks, which reduce system efficiency and increase utility expense

12. Tighten Electrical Connections to ensure
uninterrupted system operation

13. Measure & Record Voltage & Amperage to
identify baseline operating conditions

14. Lubricate All Moving Parts to maintain
efficiency and extend equipment life

15. Inspect Evaporator Coil to ensure proper heat
transfer efficiency resulting in reduced utility cost, and improved air quality

16. Inspect Condensing Coil, determine condition. Coil must be clean to ensure heat transfer
efficiency and reduce utility cost

17. Clean and treat Condensate Drains to help
prevent water damage and the potential for mold formation

Please call 860.343.3571 to schedule
your tune-up today!